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Create Your Masjid's Prayer Timings

Our online salah timings editor makes it simple to create and update your mosque's prayer timings.

You can post the timings for the entire year at once, or enter the timings each month. The timings are then immediately available everywhere: on your website, mobile phones, and on

Get Timings on WordPress, Drupal, DotNetNuke, etc.

Install our easy-to-use widget on your website to have your timings displayed on your front page. The widget is fully interactive, and can be customized to match your site's style and language as well.

The plugin also allows you to show timings for entire months at a time, so your visitors can get all of the information that they need.

Get Timings on iOS & Android

Your mosque members can download the MasjidNow mobile apps from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play store and have the iqamah timings delivered directly to their phone, updated every day.

You can also display monthly info like Jummah times, Ramadan information, etc. to keep your them informed.

Real Time Messages to Mobile

Not enough people coming to your mosque's events? Or maybe you want to remind worshippers of the new Jum'ah timings?

You can now send messages directly to your users smartphones. They'll instantly receive a notification on their phones with the message you've written.

* Only available on certain plans.

Get Email Reminders

We know you are a busy person. Remembering to update prayer timings can be hard, so that's why on the first of every month, you will be emailed a reminder to update your timings. Don't worry - you won't get these reminders if you already have timings saved.

This is just one more way we try to save you time and make your life easier.

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