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With MasjidNow on mobile, your congregation is more informed and engaged.
Check out what your mosque-goers get when they download our apps:

Iqamah/Jamaa' Times

Your masjid can publish prayer timings in one place, and have them available on your members mobile phones instantly. You can update the timings at any time and they'll instantly be available at the tap of a button. You'll especially love sharing Taraweeh and Eid timings in the month of Ramadan.

Instant Messaging

Use push notifications to send messages to your congregants. They'll be able to instantly learn about masjid news, like upcoming events, prayer time changes, or important facility information.

Monthly Information

Some masjid timings or information aren't related to a single day. Think Friday prayer times, Tahajjud timings, or the upcoming Khateebs. With MyMasjid, you'll be able to make this information available all the time.

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