Generate a printable prayer timings sheet for your masjid.

Use our free online tool to instantly generate your masjid's printable salah timings sheet.

Generate iqamah timings based on local Adhan times

Instead of calculating jamaah (or iqamah) timings yourself, you can ask our tool to do it for you. Specify options like "add 5 minutes to the Adhan time" or "round up to the nearest 15 minute interval" and we'll do the rest, filling in the Adhan times for the entire month based on calculated Adhan times. You can even customize your Adhan times if you need.

Include important information like Jummah times and upcoming events

Most masajid like to include important information like Friday / Jummah timings, important events, or daylight savings time changes in their printable salah times sheets. We've got you covered there as well. You can even format your extra information with bold, italics, different text sizes, and more.

Choose from different styles

Our printable timings are created from a well designed template, but you can still choose from multiple different colors to suit your preference.

Download a printable PDF for handing out

Once you've entered your timings, you'll instantly receive a PDF file of your timings. You can choose to print yourself, or you can even link to MasjidNow's version of it from your masjid's website.

Display timings on your website and our mobile apps

In addition to printable timings, you'll automatically be able to see your saved timings on your mobile device via the MyMasjid app and on the web via our WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and Drupal enabled plugins or embed codes. You'll have one source of timings across print, web, and mobile through MasjidNow.

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