Step 1: Find your mosque

Enter your mosque's name or city to find it, then click it to move on to the next step. If you can't find your masjid, you can add it to our website and come back. You can also learn more about what you'll be able to do by signing up.

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Why MasjidNow?

When you sign up your masjid, you can:
  • Host prayer times online
  • Display events for the month
  • Show timings on your WordPress website
  • Send instant messages to your community members
  • Save time and money!

Create, update, and display your masjid's iqamah timings

Our online salah timings editor makes it simple to create, edit, and update your mosque's prayer timings from anywhere. It is quick and easy to use, and best of all, it can be accessed anywhere and edited at any time.

You can post the timings for the entire year at once, or enter the timings each month. Either way, posting the timings makes them immediately available everywhere: on your website, your mosque's MasjidNow page, and mobile phones everywhere.


Access timings from iPhone & Android

Once you've entered your mosque's iqamah timings on the web, they will be instantly available on all our supported platforms. Anyone can download the MasjidNow mobile apps from iTunes or the Google Play store and have the iqamah timings delivered directly to their phone, updated every day.

Our MasjidNow app has already been downloaded over 250,000 times. Chances are, many of your mosque's congregants already have the MasjidNow app installed.


Display Upcoming Events

Let your masjid's members and congregants know about important events while they check their prayer times.

Show Timings on WordPress

Install our easy-to-use iqamah timings plugin on your WordPress website to have your timings displayed daily on your front page. The widget is fully interactive and lets users click to see timings for the days ahead as well. Learn more about our WordPress widget.