Share Taraweeh Timings 2019

Get Taraweeh Timings on iOS and Android Devices

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Taraweeh timings can always cause confusion during Ramadan. Mosques need a good way to share the prayer times with the local Muslim community.

With MasjidNow, mosque webmasters can share taraweeh timings on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Using our web application specifically designed for masjids, salah times can be uploaded in one central location and spread to the rest of the Muslims in the area. They simply have to download our prayer times app.

Our prayer timings upload tool

MasjidNow is currently offering a free 14 days trial for our prayer services, giving you ample time to upload the salah timings to our website. As an added bonus, these timings can be displayed on your WordPress site by simply installing our Iqamah Timings WordPress widget.

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